The Versa-Gard Food Guard

Here at Versa-Gard® we have spent countless hours developing and building a state of the art food guard system. Whether you’re a small, family owned restaurant or a large company looking to supply a nationwide chain, we can help provide you the best food guard in the business!

A quality food guard

Our ultimate goal is making your food look good, and this is done by quality. And so the Versa-Gard Food Guard is built to the ultimate specification. Our glass sneeze guards are modern and professional showcasing your food in a sleek display. Our food guards are precision-machined, modular, convertible, and adaptable food protectors that are engineered to the most stringent standards. Not only are these food guards certified to the NSF / ANSI 2 standard, they are manufactured to meet health codes in virtually every city and country in the world!

How can we help you with your next food guard?

We’ve helped hundreds of other clients with their food guard, and we can help you too! Contact us today to get started on your custom project or purchase one of our Versa-Gard series models.

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